Getting Registration Staff and Instructors Involved in the Sales Process

As a leader who was responsible for driving contract training revenue, it was important for me to build a network of folks who had the ability to qualify a contract training opportunity. The two groups that have provided the most qualified leads for me at Cuyahoga Community College were the Registration Staff and the Instructors. That being said, this just didn't happen by chance.

It is our responsibility to build good working relationships with these groups to help them understand what the contract training team is looking to accomplish, how important they are in that “value chain”, and to provide them with some questions to ask so they can maximize interactions with students and decision makers.

Registration staff are in a great position to qualify a contract training opportunity as individuals are calling in to inquire about or register for specific open enrollment courses. By asking a few extra questions on that initial call, our registration staff can determine, in a professional way, if the contract training team should get involved. I’ve provided a handful of these questions for your review.

Questions for REGISTRATION STAFF to ask as they are taking enrollment requests:

Since our instructors spend the most time with our students, they are also in a great position to probe for contract training opportunities. By asking a few questions during or immediately after a class, our instructors can again determine if the contract training team should become involved. Following are some questions to consider:

Questions for INSTRUCTORS to ask students "one-on-one" during/after the course:

Registration staff and Instructors can serve as our "eyes and ears" as they spend more time with students than we ever will. By establishing working relationships with these two groups, I received 2-3 qualified contract training leads per month ... and these were leads that had a great close rate! Once a lead is converted to a contract, it’s important to recognize that person for their efforts and provide them with an overview of the project’s scope. I encourage all of you to build this type of a relationship with your Registration Staff and Instructors. Sales is, after all, a team sport!

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Happy Selling, my friends…