Our Commitment to Individual & Team Development

by Greg Surtman

As we continue to have discussions with organizations about how important a strategic investment in “learning & development” is with their employees, it’s easy for us to lose focus on ourselves.  I’ve been guilty of this, especially early in my career, as I internally justified not having enough time to focus on my own development with the number of “client opportunities” I needed to address.  We have no problem building this “business case” with our clients because it’s the business we’re in, which is why it’s even more important that we “role model” this commitment with ourselves and our team.

I’d like to share some thoughts for individual & team development that have been effective for myself as well as others colleges across the country.

Embed yourself into some of the contract engagements that you sell

With your client’s permission, this approach is a win, win, win as it will help you accomplish the following:

Learn more about yourself and others

The EVERYTHING DiSC Assessment is a tool that creates a level of self-awareness about different behavioral styles, including our own.  Learning more about different styles and developing strategies for connecting with folks who may have a different style is a great way to improve our working relationships with colleagues and clients.  When I experienced this assessment and workshop back in 2005, it improved my “people-reading” skills and inspired me to manage client relationships in a more productive way.

Pay attention to what is working across the country

We all want to serve organizations in our marketplace in an effective and sustainable manner and are proactively looking for ideas as to how we can best serve our clients.  Some of us are privileged to attend State-wide, Regional, and National Conferences which provide opportunities for us to share what works and learn from others.  I made a decision to join Contract Training Edge so that I could share my “best practices” in this business over the past 16 years as well as the successful business practices of the colleges we are privileged to serve.  To this end, I’ve developed a 2-day “Strategy and Solution Selling Workshop for Community Colleges” which includes the approaches and tools that have enabled me to sell over $17,000,000. 

If you would like to explore how Contract Training Edge can customize a workshop specifically for your team, please contact Greg Surtman at (216) 509-6398, or .

Most importantly, own your own development and never stop being a “Student of the Game”! 

Happy Selling, my friends…