Providing O.D. Solutions Requires an O.D. Leader

by Greg Surtman

More community/technical colleges across the country are realizing that in order to grow and sustain revenue in the “training” business, they must provide the type of “Organizational Development/Talent Management” (OD/TM) solutions that can springboard their business unit into strategic partnerships with their top clients. Another reason why colleges are building capacity to deliver OD/TM solutions is to better align training initiatives with organizational outcomes (vs. only individual outcomes). Some of these OD/TM solutions may include, but are not limited to:

Colleges committed to delivering the type of services mentioned above have hired a leader on the delivery side of the house to secure the right resources (talent, tools, & processes) in order to deliver top notch services in each respective area. Although this OD/TM service area does take some time to build, colleges have seen this investment pay off after the first year. Most OD/TM client engagements can lead to training opportunities in both technical and non-technical areas. A common title for a leader in this area is “Manager/Director of Client Services/Solutions”. An ideal leader for this area will have a background in several of the following disciplines:

This role typically serves as the leader of the delivery/fulfillment side of the house. He/she engages and manages relationships with suppliers including academic units & 3rd party providers/consultants. He/she has ownership over all operational activities associated with the following project components:

Creating capacity to deliver OD/TM solutions can propel your team from “training provider” to “strategic partner” in the minds of your clients. If you would like to explore how Contract Training Edge can help your team become better at selling OD/TM solutions, please contact Greg Surtman at (216) 509-6398, or

Happy Selling, my friends…